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Bootstrapping Business

When we begin to look at our resources, time and finances, sometimes bootstrapping is a good way to rev the engines. Listen to the video to see what I am doing! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I am the CEO of the…

Simple Goals & Evolution!

Evaluating the Goal

During January, people pick “New Year’s Resolutions’ and often fail to keep them. Instead, why not pick a goal and work with it for the entire year? People often lose focus of their goal, forget what they picked or don’t feel like they can achieve it anymore. What are some things that you need to get done this year? Do you need to get out of debt, finish grad school, or get your son ready for first grade? I’ve thought about this and here are some of the goals that I am considering:

Planning my Wedding

Saving Money

Launching My Business

Sometimes the hardest part is finding the angle. For me, most on this list is an absolute, so yes; these will remain goals for the entire year or more. Next, I’ll set up milestones and some to-dos that will help me to reach my goals. Then at every month or as needed, I’ll re-evaluate my progress and make adjustments as necessary. I see some reflections of project management here but it’s good to set deadlines and milestones. These two are both very helpful in measuring where you are in the process and what adjustments you’ll need to do to make.

Measuring goals is very important because it holds you accountable. For instance, with planning my wedding, I could set the goal of: I will have the location for the ceremony set by January 31st. Use metrics, numbers and deadlines in stating your goal so that when the deadline comes or you reach a metric, you can truly measure your progress.

Also break the goal into small steps to make the goal more attainable and realistic. Again, circling back to my wedding, I will set activities for each month. For January, my focus is to set the ceremony location, develop a working menu for the reception and prepare invitations. Within these tasks, I’ll further breakdown my activities under the ceremony location, the menu, and invitations.

Finally, check your progress often. Keep notes, check that to do list, cross off each activity as you complete it. When you finally get a hang of it the process, some of this will become naturally intuitive.  This is an iterative process, so going back through the same steps may feel repetitive, but could help you stay on course and focused. Finally reward yourself when you reach your goal. Take yourself out for dinner, buy that nice purse, or call a friend to share the good news.

What are some of goals that you are working on this year and how are you evaluating them?


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