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Touring a Local Kitchen

Check out my blog on touring a local kitchen that produces food for sale!

Moving through Frustration

Hello Fellow Miss CEOs!

I hope you are all enjoying your Friday and looking forward to your weekend. Lately, I’ve been going through business model after business model and studying my competition to better understand the market that I want to enter. And honestly, it felt like I didn’t know where to begin and in some cases, know what to do. However that fades away as you find something that works for you and you begin to work with the idea you generate. For months, I’ve been looking for a potential partner and nothing has come of it yet. So I’ve decided that I am going to start myself with the recipes for my food line and already I’ve come up with two very original ideas. One is designed for a fellow Miss CEO, Lyndsay and the other is pure comfort food heaven. It’s in this brief down moment and that the idea came to me to create my own recipes. I am now considering a third soup to create, testing some questions out on FB! Throughout all of this I’ve kept in mind that this business is an evolution that it will go the course that it must as I cultivate it. Keeping this in mind has helped me out of frustration many a time. I know that with entering a new business field, there will be a learning curve and probably a lot of trial and error. I have cycled through many versions of my idea but still the core has remained the same and that is what is true to my personal values – create irresistibly delicious food sourced locally or from organic sources and create something beautiful to share with others!

As I test and refine my recipes, I might have a tasting party or two! I’ll keep you all posted on those. ;)


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