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Bootstrapping Business

When we begin to look at our resources, time and finances, sometimes bootstrapping is a good way to rev the engines. Listen to the video to see what I am doing! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I have been freed, only to realize I was never captive!

I have been freed, only to realize I was never captive.

I have turned in my two weeks notice and I’m leaving Corporate America…….I want to be Great not Good so… I will no longer spread myself thin and rely on Corporate America as a crutch I will spread my wings and soar over mountain tops.

I have scheduled meetings with High School Principal to start building the relationship, to introduce the 13 week program to teach high school students entrepreneurship, I am discussing a potential partnership, and taking my husbands flooring business to new heights……..

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Learning how to can

I finally made the big ASK and will learn canning later this spring! Watch the video on how and why this is important to me. Thanks!

Jumping without a parachute!

What Im I afraid of…………I have tried to balance Corporate America and starting my business, helping my husband with his business, etc. etc. for too long!

I have had a very great week in California; San Diego, LA, and Anahiem….met some excellent business leads, gained rest and relaxation, received great advice and conversations with Lyndsay and Family and a VERY important heart-to-heart  (much-needed conversation) with my favorite Uncle Tony Brown who said …..”If I continue to spread myself so thin I can be good, but never great”.

So I am leaving Corporate America….turning in my two weeks and applying myself to my interests and business 100%…what is the worse that can happen???

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