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Don’t be better than your competition, be the BEST!

When starting a business we are told to check out the competition.  You want to make sure no one is doing what you are doing, and if they are, how you will differentiate yourself.  While there is some merit to this thinking, I do believe that sometimes we get caught up in comparing ourselves to our competition a little too much and lose focus of who really matters the most, our customers.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to analyze the competition. After all you can learn a lot from their failures and successes, but when choosing how to market, produce, and strategize your product, I think it’s at this time best to not focus on what has worked for your competitors, but rather focus on the needs and desires of your target customers.

I like to compare this to parenting.  There might be a child who is a star athlete or a star student, and you think, this child must have an amazing parent.  What could they be doing that I should be doing so my child can excel as well?  This is the wrong way to think because each child (your customer) is unique and you should parent your child in a way that suits their special talents and needs.  Sure, maybe Suzy Star Parent can teach you a great flashcard method, but you just might have to put a spin on it that will work for your child.  Maybe instead of all words, you have to draw pictures, or maybe it has to be more interactive.  This is the same way when producing products for your customers.  What is it they need? How can you add value to their life? How can you help them be more successful?

Just like in everyday life, we need to stop comparing ourselves to others, and start focusing on how we can be our best self for the ones who matter, and when you focus on generating products and ideas that suit your customer, I guarantee they will love you!



Bootstrapping Business

When we begin to look at our resources, time and finances, sometimes bootstrapping is a good way to rev the engines. Listen to the video to see what I am doing! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Negotiation is the Key!

Leaving Corporate America means now I have to rely on my hunter skills, which I have quickly learned negotiation is the key. I was able to apply price negotiating skills I have obtained and was able to successfully achieve my goal.

Watch my video to see how I was able to successfully negotiate to save the deal:

I am the CEO of the…


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